Privacy Policy

All information gathered by Streamer46, LLC, a New Hampshire based limited liability company d.b.a. Performance Pitch (“Performance Pitch”, “We”, “Us”, or “Our”) is solely used for customer service, transaction, and email activities. We do not share data with any third party providers except for payment transactions on behalf of the customer. All the information stored on behalf of the customer is for Service communication and our periodic communication about upcoming Products, Events, or Services.

Customers always have the full right to subscribe and unsubscribe to our Performance Pitch Newsletter on their own time and discretion.


We take all necessary precautions on keeping customer information safe a secure, but in today’s internet world nothing can be assured. Credit Card Processing will be handled through a third party provider.  Please refer to the third party’s security procedures for further information.


Our site contains links to other websites and we are not liable for any information sharing that occurs due to a link submission on our website. We advise that you proceed with the proper caution and care with the websites you visit.