"Performance Pitch has been great for our pitching staff and has become a part of our daily routine. Several pitchers have commented to me how it has improved their ability to finish each pitch!! They also believe it forces them to drive toward home plate rather than fall off to the side of the mound."

Ron Plourde, Head Baseball Coach Skidmore College

"Performance Pitch works great to get my arm loose and in shape during spring training and this upcoming season."

Matt Cain, Former Major League Baseball Pitcher

" Performance Pitch is a must have tool in your baseball bag as a player, coach or instructor. I did the towel drill myself as a college and professional player and wish that the Performance Pitch had been around. The real baseball gives players the exact feel of a live pitch. You no longer need the duct tape to create a handle or worry about the towel fraying all over the place. Best of all, it is designed so that players of all ages can use it properly. Now in my 18th year of being a private instructor at Diamond Stars Baseball, I am excited to have a pitching tool that will help me teach younger players for years to come. Great job Performance Pitch!"

Jason Roach, Former Major League player/Owner Diamond Stars Baseball

" After using Performance Pitch, my command increased, as well as the movement on my change-up and slider. These were big reasons I made it to the major leagues."

Danny Barnes, Major League Baseball Pitcher

" The Performance Pitch has been a valuable tool to training our young throwers. It eliminates those who short arm the ball and teaches them how to get their arm up. Thank you for the training shortcut!"

Coach Chris, Wheelhouse Baseball Clinic